Let you know something about Coin Magic and Magnetic Ring

April 18, 2015-America-There are many interesting magic tricks around the world. Today, the famous online magic shop https://www.goshmagic.com/ will introduce with you two of their hot selling magic tricks.

Coin Magic Tricks-Folding coins

First, please let the audience sees an empty glass bottles or soda bottles which could be taken by improvisation. After checking by those audiences, please the audience holds the bottleneck. Then, you could take a special coin from our magic shop to drop it into the bottle from the outside of the bottle. After this step, let the audience shake the bottle to prove that the coin already drop into the bottom of the bottle.

When viewers see the coin lying on the bottle bottom, you could let him put his hand on the bottom of the bottle and the coins will fall into the hands of the audience once again from the bottle bottom. This is an absolute improvisation magic supplies which could be performed at any gathering and bars time. The most crucial point is that you can use any bottles you want.

The other familiar coin trick is the coin biting. First, you could put the coins you��re your mouth and then bite it by you teeth. Then, you could gently blowing it by your mouth and then recover the coins.

Close magic tricks-magnetic ring

This could be regarded as one of the necessary thing for each magician and it can be used in different many magic areas. You could easily find this magic crop from our online shop.

As long as you give full play to imagination and creativity, this small magnetic ring can have endless variations. On the other hand, it can also be applied in the previous magic among the plays including air escape coins, teleporting, teleportation, coin through the glass, the bottle caps, coins wear bottles, pause time and so on.

In addition to above two magic tricks, you could also get other interesting things from our online shop www.goshmaqic.com .

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